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I realized the system was completely ruined.. and broke everything to fix it..

Hey my name is Chris. The owner of Tribrid Personal Training, and coach. I started the gym in 2012 in hopes of making a massive impact in the lives of people in Mesa, AZ through fitness and lifestyle change. After 7 years of trying different approach after different approach to get people better results I realized the system was completely ruined, and I broke everything to fix it.

Problem #1 Group Training DOESN'T WORK
Having personally coached over 10,000 group training sessions, I realized that the workouts I was given were only good for the select people that were looking towards that goal. As an example, we would do a chest workout, when people were trying to run marathons faster..

THEN there are people in the group that have been exercising for years, and those that are brand new.. Doing the same movements.. Same reps etc.

THEN they would be lifting the same weights..

Sound familiar? That system does not work because none of it is personalized for you, your fitness level, and your goals.

Flipping the Script

Cookie Cutter Meal Plans/ Nutrition Programs

The other issue in the old way is to give someone a meal plan.. Full of food you have never cooked, don't know how to cook, don't know if you like, don't know where to buy, etc.. You get the picture. 

No personalization, no working together on a program together, just a paper..

Zero Accountability.

Sure there might have been a text message or two, but there are SO many people in group training courses that it is hard for the coaches to keep track of you outside of the gym let alone know your name inside the gym. So no wonder that results don't come.

Enter The Tribrid Protocol.

Personalized EVERYTHING

No more templates, no more cookie cutter meal plans. Everything personalized to you, to fit your goals, your schedule, your LIFE.. So this will actually stick

Fitness On Demand

Do workouts anytime, anywhere, and any way you wish. I program any workout that you want into your schedule so you don't need to try to match your busy schedule with someone else's ever again.

Habit Based Coaching

You can be given a meal plan, heck even teach you everything you need to know.. but if you don't work on your habits around food and fitness you will never be able to reach your long term goals.

No more missed Workouts, No More Crappy Meal Plans, No More Plateaus.. EVER